Gladrags Mrs. India Pageant



Gladrags has been the first to establish the Mrs. India Pageant in India. The Gladrags Mrs. India Contest is a tribute to the Mrs. of every family. It is aimed at the very heart of every family and home. It’s about The Ghar ki Rani. 


The Gladrags Mrs. India is open to any Indian married woman under the age of 50 who is attractive and has maintained herself well.

This is a celebration of the Indian married woman. She’s the wife, the mother and the multi-talented achiever. ‘A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE’ who maintains that perfect balance between her home, her family and a career if she is allowed to keep one. She walks a trapeze all her life balancing all her responsibilities equally with love and dedication.


The 24/7 Woman

Most married women are multi-talented because they need to be multi-tasking wives and mothers. Most married women today have to juggle careers along with their family and home. Stay-at-home moms also have a household of demands and responsibilities to balance on a daily basis and are just as responsible & versatile. Women today are bankers, journalists, policewomen, executives and pilots in the work field and are managing roles that have demanding deadlines, whether it is at home with their families or at work. When Mrs. Wadia started the Gladrags Mrs. India Contest there was no such event for married women. Mrs. Wadia has thus created a unique opportunity for married women, as Mrs. Wadia believes that a married woman is a 24/7 woman. Her tasks never end.

The Mrs. India Contest shows that ‘Life Begins After Marriage’ and that a married woman is not just a domestic goddess and stay-at-home wife and Mom but she is also doing the hardest job in the world.  She’s thus a 24/7 Woman.


Family Support

The Gladrags Mrs. India Pageant is a pageant in which the support of the husband has always been very important. Men and Women today are equally health-and-fitness conscious. Men want their wives to look smart and elegant, after all, she is the reflection and extension of his success and his world.


The Gladrags Mrs. India Pageant Winners

Our Winners over the years have been Aditi Govitrikar, Jasmine D’Souza, Tania Soni, Naina Daliwal, Shilpa Reddy, Shilpa A Singh, Jimmy Nanda, Madhvi Awasthi, Sophia Handa, Kavita Sachdev and Vaneeta Bhatia.


So if you’re a married woman looking for a bit of glamour for yourself the Gladrags Mrs. India is what you should apply for today Write to:


Gladrags Media Ltd,

Mrs. India

C-1 Wadia International Centre,

Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai 400 025

Tel Nos.022 66628855 / 66628877



Criteria to enter the Pageant:


·     The age of the contestant should be 18-50 years.

·     The contestant should be married. (Divorced, widowed or separated women can also apply).


Paperwork required to enter the Pageant:


·     Download the entry form from our website

·     Copy of marriage certificate/ Divorce papers (Compulsory)

·      2 postcard-size photographs (Close-up and Full Length)

All submitted photographs will become the property of Gladrags and can be used by Gladrags in a manner and way that Gladrags thinks fit.