About us

GLADRAGS is a Lifestyle, Entertainment, Travel & Fashion bimonthly magazine. The magazine is available on stands, by subscription and it is also the in-flight magazine of GoAir, the Wadia Group Airline. GLADRAGS brings the latest ideas trends and lifestyles into focus within its pages.

   GLADRAGS advertises fashion wear, household products, office products and fabrics, jewellery, fashions, accessories, watches, travel, toiletries, hotels, restaurants, shoes, cars motorbikes, TVs and music equipment, mobiles, interior décor furniture’s… a myriad of products through our pages. Mannequins come to life, personages speak and parade, and fashions come off the racks and onto our pages.

 As dreams attract, and creations charm, so will your advertisement hit your prime target if you advertise in GLADRAGS. 

The magazine is read by Individuals who are not only fashion conscious, but more importantly, people who are totally aware of new products and trends and who focus on what’s in, what’s out, what’s selling and above all what choices are available to them.